I fell in love with my best friend.

I fell in love with my best friend.

I’m lucky.  (Ooc- credit to Idara Victor)

I’m lucky. (Ooc- credit to Idara Victor)

He stole my answer…

He stole my answer…

Finally TJ is fitting into the Sox outfit me and @drmauraislesme bought him.

Finally TJ is fitting into the Sox outfit me and @drmauraislesme bought him.

If you’re from Boston and happen to be around the area of The Dirty Robber this Saturday night, come by and hear the old guy sing :)

If you’re from Boston and happen to be around the area of The Dirty Robber this Saturday night, come by and hear the old guy sing :)

[Touching You] (M)



It was as if a part of her was expecting Jane to say no but as Maura watched her girlfriend undress, she realized this was happening. Her breathing hitched and she couldn’t help her wandering eyes as she continued to tweak hardened nipples. Hearing Jane confirm it was enough to make Maura’s stomach do somersaults. She had a mixture of emotions. 

The fact that Jane was trusting her seemed to fill her with warmth and happiness but as Jane pressed herself back against the door, ready and waiting all cognitive thought left her brain and the only thing she wanted to do was bring Jane pleasure. Maura walked back toward Jane, pressing her bare breasts into Jane’s back and shivering a little at the skin to skin contact. 

Her hands started off at the back of the detective’s thighs, lightly grazing her short fingernails against the skin until her hands cupped the brunette’s ass, giving it a squeeze. Maura began to trail soft kisses and little nips up Jane’s spine and anywhere she could reach as her hands then continued their slow trek over the curve of her ass and into the dip of her back before reaching around to caress and trace taut abs, smirking as the muscles twitched beneath her fingers. 

Gently, Maura pressed herself further into Jane, letting the dildo rub against her. She wanted to tease Jane a little, make sure she was good and ready because Maura didn’t plan to be merciful. She allowed one hand to move up Jane’s abdomen while the other pulled her back slightly so she could twist and tweak pert nipples. The hand that had pulled her back slipped back down Jane’s abs and beneath the fabric of the detective’s boy shorts, ring and middle finger beginning to move in slow circles around Jane’s clit. 

Maura’s hands were always precise and steady. Dexterous fingers slipped further down to circle Jane’s slit, humming at the warm wetness that greeted her. She coated her fingers and then brought them back up to circle Jane’s clit once more, making sure to keep a slow and steady rhythm, enough to make her lover ache. 

"I’m going to ruin you for anybody else. You’re mine." She bit roughly at a spot on Jane’s shoulder blade before soothing the area with her lips and tongue. "How badly do you want it?" She murmured as both of her hands continued their tantalizingly slow ministrations.  

At the feeling of Maura’s round breasts and hard nipples pressed against her bare back, Jane felt her own nipples become painfully hard. As skilful hands squeezed her ass, she couldn’t control her hips thrust backward into Maura’s hands. She swallowed her own moan as it threatened to leave her mouth. She bit down on her bottom lip as Maura’s fingers traced her stomach. 

Feeling Maura’s enter her panties and begin to circle her clit, Jane’s head lolled back and she moaned out loud in appreciation of the sensational work that two fingers made with her now engorged clit. She turned her head to the side and found Maura’s ear; nipping at it briefly, she let out a deliberately low moan before she thrust her hips forward at the feeling of fingers exploring her slit. 

Jane groaned as Maura’s harsh words met her ears. She was almost certain a fresh gush of wetness dripped down her legs at how dominate her girlfriend was being. “Fuck” she breathed out. Maura’s actions were certain; she was going to make the detective beg for it. Jane’s mind told her mouth to be cocky, to not be so submissive this early into the evening, but her mouth betrayed her. “I need it,” Jane’s voice faltered. “I need you so bad.” Jane practically growled through clenched teeth. Her breathing was laboured. She was thankful that she and Maura were the only ones home, she had a feeling tonights actions would make it hard for the Detective to remain silent.


K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life

Track Title: The Bad Touch

Artist: Bloodhound Gang


Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch

AU “Selfie with baby. PS: She’s never serious when it comes to those.”

Maura loves her goofy detective. She knows Jane won’t be very happy when she finds out her picture is on a social network. But there’s nothing a Red Sox jersey with a little lace can’t do.

[Touching You] (M)



Maura could feel the quick intake of breath as Jane realized Maura was sporting an extra appendage tonight. She chuckled at the cheesy pick up and slowly began to unbuckle Jane’s work belt and then unbutton her pants. “I’m very happy to see you.” She replied in a silky voice. She pushed Jane’s slacks down being careful to set the work belt down instead of letting it drop before standing back up, her hands moving slowly up Jane’s legs as she went. 

"We’ve both been overworked and I know you’re tense." She added softly, allowing one hand to slip under Jane’s shirt until it reached the swell of her breasts. "I thought maybe," Her free hand moved to the apex of Jane’s thighs, cupping her girlfriend through her boy shorts and thrusting her hips forward. "We could use a little stress relief." Maura enunciated her words with slow movements of her fingers through the fabric of panties. 

Maura was already incredibly turned on. She’d worked herself up with just her thoughts but she knew she had to be sure that Jane was okay with this, with giving up control. Her movements slowed and she stood on the tip of her toes once more to press another kiss to the back of Jane’s neck. “I know that this was something we only briefly talked about, and to be quite honest I had forgotten I ordered it but when I opened it today, I thought… it would be a good idea.” 

But I understand completely if this makes you uncomfortable. I can stop, but I thought maybe…” She trailed off as the hand beneath Jane’s breast pushed her bra up to knead the soft flesh. “If you want me to stop, tell me. Otherwise…” Maura stepped away from Jane, already missing the heat of her body. “Take off the rest of your clothes and get back up against the door.” Her voice had dropped an octave lower and the robe slowly slipped off her body, leaving her completely nude. 

Her honey blonde curls hung loosely on her shoulders and her eyes had darkened. She looked almost primal looking Jane over. One hand moved up to play with her own breasts as she waited, pink tongue slipping out to lick her lips. Maura wanted nothing more than to take Jane and ravish her.  

Jane turned on the spot, moving so she was now facing her girlfriend rather than the back of a door. She watched as Maura’s finger moved skilfully in circles around a very strained dusk nipple. Her eyes involuntary dropped down to the black straps around Maura’s creamy thighs, which held a black shaft in place. 

She bit down hard on her bottom lip as she felt her insides throb at the thought of Maura fucking her with their new toy; a toy that barely a week ago, Jane had been rather apprehensive about buying. The idea of bringing a toy into their bedroom was rather daunting, and at the time it had slightly had an impact on Jane’s confidence in the bedroom.

But now, seeing Maura standing practically naked in front of her, massaging her own beautiful tits, and eyes of pure lust, Jane had never be so turned on in her entire sexual life. And while being completely submissive was always something Jane had struggled to do; the thought of being dominated by the one person she truly trusted, made her legs quiver with the pleasure that awaited her.

Without breaking eye contact, Jane quickly removed her shoes and socks and placed them to the side, where she then moved her pants, and then at what felt like a painfully slow pace, she removed her shirt and flung it to the side, smiling smugly as she noticed Maura’s breathing become more rapid. 

Left in only her black boy shorts, Jane leaned down and removed her gun and badge from her belt, and with nothing but utter confidence, she moved past Maura, and placed the two items in their designated drawer. Without making eye contact with the blonde, Jane walked back to the door, and pressed her breasts against the timber. She spread her legs slightly before taking a deep breath.

"Fuck me any way you want to."

[Touching You] (M)


It had been over two weeks since Jane and Maura had told Jane’s family of their relationship. Angela had slowly began to come around and Tommy was still supportive as ever. Frankie had yet to really speak to either of them but Jane was certain he’d come around to apologize soon for he had been sporting his ‘guilty’ eyes as Jane put it. 

And between all the awkwardness and tension a case fell into their laps which had been more daunting than anyone had ever expected but they finally managed to close the case. 

But Maura was still feeling stressed and overwhelmed. That was what had lead her to try on what had arrived in the mail today. A package she had forgotten she ordered online. 

Maura stood half naked in front of her full length mirror, adjusting the leather straps to fit the curve of her hips more comfortably and securely. The silicon black dildo looked a little odd between her legs but the thought of using it on Jane gave her a rush, pushing away her self-consciousness.

The ME had done her research and with Jane in mind, knew that something simple yet efficient would suffice. Nothing flashy or gaudy. With one last look at herself, Maura nodded. She moved over to her bathroom door and grabbed the thick plush robe that hung there and set it on the bed.

Glancing at the clock, she noted it was 7:30 PM and Jane would be home soon. She had wanted to finish the paperwork so there wouldn’t be a need to go into work in the morning. With that thought in mind, Maura had decided to give her a little surprise… One she hoped Jane would be receptive to. She wasn’t sure but figured she’d take the risk. They both needed to get out some frustrations and this was just the sort of thing that had come to mind.

Maura quickly unbuttoned her work shirt and then slipped off her bra before putting on the robe and pulling the straps around her tight so nothing was showing. Taking a breath, Maura bent down and picked up her dirty clothes to put them in the hamper.  

Once that was taken care of, Maura headed down the hall into the kitchen to fix her a glass of wine. Of course two sips in and she heard keys jingling in the lock. A rush of excitement and arousal coursed through her just thinking of her plans.

As the door opened, Maura slowly rounded the corner to see Jane’s back to her, shutting the door and locking it behind her. Just before Jane could turn around, Maura was pressing herself up against the detective’s back, hands moving to the buckle of Jane’s belt. “Hi, I’ve been waiting for you.” Maura murmured, standing on her tip-toes to kiss the back of Jane’s neck and press further into her. 

Friday afternoon had taken its sweet time to arrive, being the end of the week, loads of paperwork had managed to build up into a pile almost as high as Mount Everest, well, as Jane had described it. It was just after seven PM when the lanky Detective decided to call it a night. 

"I’m off…like a prom dress." Jane stood and grabbed her jacket from the back of her chair.

"Did you get laid on prom night?" A cheeky grin plastered across Frost’s face as he leaned back in his chair.

Jane winked, and Korsak shook his head. “There are some things this old man doesn’t need to know!”

"I didn’t confirm a thing!" Jane deadpanned. 

"Also didn’t deny it either." Frost mumbled as he stood and pushed his chair in. "Guess that makes me off like a prom suit!"

With a smile on her face, Jane bid her friends and colleagues a goodnight and hoped that they wouldn’t see this place again until Monday morning. 

As Jane reached her car, she pulled her phone from her pocket and read her new message from her brother, Frankie.

'I just need time sis.'

She sighed as she carelessly chucked the phone to the passenger seat. It had been exactly sixteen days since Maura and Jane had decided to tell Jane’s family. It took five days for Angela to stop being awkward around both girls as they cuddled on the lounge or stole sneaky kisses while their dinner cooked. Frankie was proving to take his sweet time, but Jane knew he was close to accepting.

The drive to Maura’s was thankfully quick, she grabbed her phone and locked her car and walked up the path that lead to her girlfriends front door. Slipping inside, the Detective locked the door and sighed with relief that she was ‘home’ and could finally relax.

As she went to turn around, she found herself pinned to the front door. She looked down as Maura’s hand grabbed at her buckled belt, and she couldn’t help the shiver that ran from the top of her head to the tips of her toes as Maura kissed the back of her neck. 

"Hi." Jane’s voice was gravely deep. She pushed back into Maura’s body and quickly paused her actions. "Um…Maur? Is there something you’re not telling me?" Her pulse quickened as her mind was quickly cast back to a conversation she and Maura had shared one day over lunch in Maura’s office. Maura had informed Jane she had been reading articles about enhancing sexual experiences in the bedroom with bringing toys into their love life. The brunette was really hesitant at first, but when her girlfriend spoke of certain positions, and revealed certain dirty dreams and secret fantasies the blonde had longed for, Jane had suddenly found herself aroused. 

"Not to sound cheesy, but is that a gun in your…pocket…or are you uh…happy to see me?" Jane nervously laughed. 


Serial Killers on the cover of the Daily Mirror over the years, (From top to bottom):

  1. Dennis Rader (The BTK Killer).
  2. Ted Bundy.
  3. Jeffrey Dahmer.
  4. Dennis Nilsen.
  5. Collin Ireland (The Gay Slayer).
  6. Peter Sutcliffe (The Yorkshire Ripper).
  7. Robert Black.

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