Detective Jane

It’s just another manic Monday…

(Let The Silence Be Heard.)

Jane sat staring at the phone in her hand; reading the text’s over and over, trying to understand what exactly had happened.

Her brother had kissed her girlfriend. Her own brother. Yes, he didn’t know that she was hers but damn it, she had already warned him to stay away from Maura. That Maura was family.

And now she sat reading a message saying he had kissed her.

Jealousy and anger coursed through Jane’s body. She slammed the phone down on her desk, ran her hands through her wild mane, and stared down at the writing on her the report in front of her.

"You okay, Partner?"

She sighed and shook her head. “I gotta call it a night,” The Female detective stood and grabbed the coat from around her chair. “You should too, we’ll pick it up in the morning.”

"Sure," Frost nodded his head and pushed his chair back from his desk.

"You’d tell me if things were’t okay, wouldn’t you?"

"Of course." Jane smiled, hating the fact that she was near lying to her friend and partner. For months now she had been hiding the truth between the split between she and Casey. She had been hiding the fact that she was now in a relationship with Maura. Partner’s don’t hide things from one another; and frankly it was beginning to weigh Jane down.


Jane pulled into Maura’s driveway, turned off the ignition, and leaned back in her seat. It was just after 2 am and she had been awake for almost 24 hours. The case was overbearingly frustrating, with no real leads to go on. She hated cases like this. The ones that would drag on for days with nothing but a mystery, no relief for the victim’s family, nothing.

Removing the phone from its holder, she swiped the screen unlock and for the hundredth time read the message from Maura. The text had almost played out in her mind as though she had front row seats to a horror movie. Knowing Frankie had kissed Maura is something that she had never wanted to invision. What was it with her brothers and Maura? She laughed. Maybe it was something in the Rizzoli blood that was attracted to Maura.

She wrapped her blanket around her as she stepped into the pouring rain and headed toward the front door and tapped on it lightly. Hoping that the doctor would still be awake.


On the eve of the Boston Marathon, we at Spartan Race, along with the country, pay tribute to all the victims and survivors of last year’s attack.
Pictured are athletes and citizens who lived through the events and won’t let tragedy grind them to a halt. This series shot by Robert X. Fogerty for Dear World captures the resilience of those affected that can’t be dampened. Please visit their site to learn more about these people’s stories and pay tribute. 

Boston is as strong as community as the world has. We are proud to be part of it. On Marathon Monday, we will be there and along with the rest of the world, we will be watching a city recover as one.  

  • Maura: That's not funny, Jane.
  • Maura: Mhm, all that signifies is that you're aroused.
  • Maura: ...Detective Frost just texted me asking if I knew what was wrong with you. He says you keep fidgeting in your seat and that when he asked if you were okay you told him to "Shut the hell up"
  • Jane: If my girlfriend wasn't so damn sexy and talking about me fucking her against the wall, then maybe I wouldn't need to fidget.
  • Jane: Are you still against sex in your office? ;)

I woke up for a midnight snack, found me some strawberries and began to eat them when all of a sudden I hear this loud thud. Turn around and the dumb turtle is staring at me, sending me on a guilt trip.

Sorry bud, these don’t have your name on it. 

Even if I did get them from the “Bass” paper bag.

  • Maura: Are you okay, Jane?
  • Maura: Oh. Okay... (:
  • Jane: Pretty sure I'm dying, again.
  • Jane: Dry mouth, rapid heart beat...

  • Maura: I'm not going to force you to do anything you aren't comfortable with, Jane. You certainly know how to satisfy me just fine as it is. (:
  • Maura: But, just imagine thrusting your hips into me and with every thrust the other end curving into your g-spot and pushing against your clit...
  • Maura: And with your hands free you're able to touch me, anywhere you want.
  • Maura: I want you to fuck me against the wall with my legs wrapped around your hips and my hands in your hair...
  • Jane: Jesus christ Maura.
  • Jane: Buy it. Buy it now.

  • Maura: I could, yes.
  • Maura: But I can tell that the idea of a strap on is slightly off putting to you.
  • Maura: I just get a thrill when I think about you hovering over me, your hands free to touch me anywhere and everywhere.
  • Jane: I've never thought about using 1 before Maur. I was in my mid 30's before I even surrendered to getting my own toy. If you want me to use 1 on you, talk to me about it.
  • Jane: Tell me your fantasy.

Heard about the couple that married at Fenway.

Living the dream. 

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  • Maura: It's not awkward, just new for you. It's still new for me too, Jane. It's okay.
  • Maura: I've thought about it, yes... (:
  • Jane: Can you maybe tell me about what thoughts you've had?

Congrats! Adorable! :D

Thank you. Wish I had been there. Apparently on the first day Maura had to chase him through the park after he was told to “sit”. 

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