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…apparently a real candle is distracting. And a fake one on a tablet is not? @drmauraislesme

…apparently a real candle is distracting. And a fake one on a tablet is not? @drmauraislesme

What? I don’t judge you!

What? I don’t judge you!

I need to stop being so harsh on him. Having TJ was the best thing to ever happen to my lil bro. #texts

I need to stop being so harsh on him. Having TJ was the best thing to ever happen to my lil bro. #texts

"Stop taking photos in the morgue Jane" #takesphotoanyway

"Stop taking photos in the morgue Jane" #takesphotoanyway




Maura sighed softly and dropped her gaze to Jane’s hand, noting how her olive skin looked much darker next her her fair complexion. She closed her eyes as Jane’s thumb brushed over her knuckles. “Of course it hurt.” She said quietly. “But we did catch them off guard. I’m just trying to understand how they must feel too.” She replied. 

She couldn’t help the smirk that flitted across her lips at Tommy’s comment but it soon dropped as Angela replied. She sighed softly. “Angela, I understand that you need time but… You realize that just because I am a women doesn’t mean that I can’t satisfy any of Jane’s needs or love her any less.” Maura said confidently. 

"I love Jane with everything that I have. I’ve never felt something so visceral before. I am so thankful for her, and for you all. You’ve given me so much warmth and love." She smiled sadly. "Please don’t belittle my affections for Jane just because I’m a woman." 

Jane cringed inwardly as Maura told her mother she could satisfy her needs. She whipped her head to face Maura and gave her a look of ‘Really’, which quickly turned to a look of love. Maura Isles was the love of Jane Rizzol’s life, even with all her quirks and tendencies to over-share.

"Yeah, I’ve never felt something so visual before either…" Jane shrugged at the miss-use of Maura’s words. 

"I didn’t mean to belittle you Maura, and if my Janie has to be with a girl, then I am glad it is with you." Angela sighed. "I’m just gonna need some time. I still love you both…you’re both still my girls. I just need time."

Jane nodded as her mother walked through the kitchen and left to walk into the guest house. 

"She’ll come around sis." Tommy walked over and wrapped his arms around his sister from behind and rubbed his knuckle onto the top of Jane’s head. "But what was Frankie’s deal? His best friend in high school, that, Nicola, she was gay. Why ain’t he being supportive?" 

Jane tilted her head to the side and raised her eyebrows to her girlfriend, this was one for Maura to explain.

James Garner died?

Thanks for The Rockford Files…it was probably one of my favorite shows that Ma and Pops used to watch re-runs of. 

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God exists because these do.

God exists because these do.

Track Title: Immigrant Song

Artist: Led Zeppelin

Album: Led Zeppelin III

We come from the land
Of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun
Where the hot springs blow



Maura watched all the color drain from Angela’s face just as she felt her own heart sink. She waited with bated breath for the elder Rizzoli to speak which took Jane’s prompting. Her heart seemed to sink further as Angela suddenly spoke in Italian. Maura of course knew what she was saying and it only made her feel worse. 

And then Angela brought up Casey. It was like a stab to the chest and then hot anger in the pit of her stomach. He had been so rude to Jane and he had hurt her and Maura couldn’t stand that and therefore couldn’t stand him. 

Maura opened her mouth to speak but Jane beat her to it. she smiled sadly at Jane. Her eyes moved toward Tommy as he spoke and a little of the weight lifted off of her chest. She sent him a grateful smile and watched as he stood up to follow Angela. 

She knew Frankie wouldn’t be happy but Maura was really surprised at his actions. 

Maura sighed as she met Jane’s gaze. It hurt. Angela’s reaction had hurt, but Maura was okay. She’d be okay. Angela just… needed time. She gave Jane a tight smile before taking her hand. “I’m fine, Jane. You can stop giving me that look.” 

"You don’t have to pretend, you know." Jane ran her thumb over Maura’s knuckles. "I know you. I know that would have hurt you. It hurt me." She spoke honestly. 

She turned her attention to watch as her mother scolded her little brother for doing a sloppy job of washing the dishes. 

"Ma, Maura has a dishwasher, y’know." Jane hollered. 

"So do I!" Angela held her arms in the air. "Those things are why so many people are lazy these days." Jane watched as Angela quickly rose her head and averted her eyes to Maura. "Not saying that you’re lazy, honey, I’m just a little old fashioned I guess."

"You guess? Ma, you’re practically freaking out that Janie told you she was a lezzy." Tommy grinned while he washed the remainder of the plates in the sink. "Least she ain’t wif that Casey guy, you even hated him when Janie wanted him in high school."

"I didn’t hate him!" Angela turned sharply and defended herself. "I just…I just thought my baby girl deserved better."

"And now I have better, Ma." 

"Maura’s a woman, Janie." Angela pleaded.

"A woman that I fell in love with, Ma." Jane reached across the table, once again, and grasped Maura’s hand in hers. "It shouldn’t matter that Maura’s female, I love her, Ma." 

What Are the Most Famous Missing Persons Cases?



Cleveland Kidnappings

The miraculous escape and survival of three Ohio girls (Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus. and Michelle Knight) who were kidnapped, held captive and sexually assaulted in a Cleveland home for a decade had a happier ending than most other missing persons cases you will find. The unthinkable survival of the three Cleveland women has brought tears, smiles and hope to millions of Americans.

Sadly, the following missing persons cases are still enduring mysteries.


Natalee Holloway

The disappearance of 18-year-old Natalee Holloway became an instantaneous media frenzy in 2005. Holloway was on the final day of a graduation trip to Aruba with her senior class, when she disappeared during a night of heavy drinking and partying in the company of friends and Joran van der Sloot, a young Dutchman living with his family on the island. Holloway’s body has never been found, and she was declared dead in January 2012.

In 2010, Joran van der Sloot was convicted and sentenced to 28 years in a Peruvian prison for the May 30, 2010 death of another woman, Stephany Flores. Van der Sloot, although arrested several times, never confessed to knowing the details of Holloway’s disappearance in a court of law. However, he did unknowingly give a taped confession to an undercover journalist who was using a hidden camera in 2008.

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It suddenly felt like all eyes were on her. Maura could feel the sudden rush of cortisol level rising and with it, her heart rate. She lifted her eyes from her plate of gnocchi and looked at Angela, reaching for her glass of wine to take a sip and ultimately, stall for time. 

After swallowing a rather large mouthful of wine, Maura opened her mouth to speak carefully. “I’m… I’m seeing someone, yes.” She responded with a small smile. Her eyes glanced to Jane’s. She felt another pair of eyes that were staring at her uncomfortably. They were Frankie’s. She had almost forgotten they had shared a kiss. 

She hoped Frankie wouldn’t resent her or Jane. Before she had time to even think about that, Angela let out an excited little squeal and Maura knew Jane was rolling her eyes. 

"Well who is he?" Angela prompted, placing a hand on her arm. 

Again Maura felt the same anxiety from before. “Well I…” She looked at Jane, eyes pleading before looking back at Angela. “It’s not a he, it’s a she.” She said nervously. And then she felt all eyes on her again. 

She could only hope that Jane would jump in any time now before she went vasovogal. 

Seeing the torment her girlfriend was in, Jane cleared her throat, catching her mother’s attention.

"Maura and I," she paused, looking across to Maura for reassurance. "Maura and I have been seeing one another for a few months. As in we’re dating." 

Jane jumped as Frankie hit his fists down on the table before throwing his napkin down and storming out the side door.

"Ma?" Jane whispered. Her eyes became glassy.

"Per favore dimmi che stai scherzando." Angela’s voice was shaky. 

"I’m- we’re not kidding, Ma." Jane sighed and placed her hand over her mothers. 

"Is this why you left Charles?" 

"I wasn’t happy with Casey, Ma. Not when my heart was elsewhere." 

"I’m, I’m going to need time." Angela stood and pushed her chair in. "Thomas, can you please help me in the kitchen."

Jane looked to her youngest brother who stood up and cleared a few plates. “I’m proud of ya sis.” He whispered as he walked by. “You too, Maura.” 

"At least someone is supportive." Jane mumbled and leaned her elbow on to the table, searching Maura’s eyes, hoping she was okay. 


I can’t imagine not having Koji.